Vaccaro's Tree Service
Serving the tree care needs of our customers in Marin, San Francisco and the North Bay since 1983.

Crane Service:


Vaccaro's Tree Service provides professional crane operation with experienced operators who work the tree business daily. Our crane has a 16,000 lbs capacity and 74 ft. reach capability allowing it to fit and maneuver in areas that are otherwise inaccessible. Owning a crane and having professional crane operators that do tree business everyday is very important because they have the expertise needed to get the job done right. Using a crane for tree service and removal is much more complex compared to standard crane operating usage. A climber who is cutting down a tree must maintain highest communication with the crane operator. Large tree limbs, especially Oak trees are very heavy, and when the cut is made a branch sways. A tree removal crane operator must possess the necessary skills needed to complete a large tree removal job in a safe and reliable manner. Crane service helps to make tree service much more cost effective and improves overall job efficiency and timeliness.


  • Hour Emergency Tree Service. When a storm hits, we are on call to handle your tree emergency any time day or night. We will remove your hazard tree from your house, car, driveway etc. without causing further damage to your property. Hopefully you never need this service, but you should know who to call if you wake up to a tree in your living room. Tree Service Professionals!
  • Ultimate Property Care - The most precautionary measures possible are taken when Vaccaro’s Tree Service begins your tree removal job. Respect and attention are given to your personal belongings, as well as constant consideration for your lawn, landscape, vehicles, neighboring properties, and all visible elements.

  • Preparation - After making a complete visual assessment of the property, we prepare each customer by alerting them of the entire tree removal process. This includes any potential scarring or minor alterations that could occur. In cases of minor defacing, we give all customers the options related to pre-removal restoration or monetary compensation.
  • Punctual - our tree removal specialists arrive on-time so you're never left waiting around.
  • Fast - Like a well-conducted orchestra, our tree removal crew work quickly and efficiently to get the job done right!
  • Affordable – Vaccaro’s Tree Service offers the most valuable tree removal service money can buy.
  • Extremely Professional - The best in the business, Vaccaro’s Tree Service raises the bar when it comes to tree removal.
  • Honest - We run our business like a family, because it is. Our crew is neat, reliable, truthful, and dedicated to making your tree removal experience pleasant and memorable.